Custom Redesign and migration to Shopify for fast-moving consumer brand.

Full custom website redesign and rebranding with a platform migration.
Creating a robust platform to support the online and offline growth of the brand.
Website Redesign, Custom Shopify Theme, Migration from Squarespace.
Poplettes – A Popped Sorghum Snack

Brand Overview

Poplettes is an American popped sorghum snack brand. Popped sorghum is a up and coming competitor of our favourite snack, popcorn. Apart from an amazing taste and a wide variety of flavours, popped sorghum has a number of health benefits comparing to its well-known competitor and other famous snacks.


After validating their product through online and retail sales, they have decided to scale the brand by going through a redesign phase. Their strategy is to yield the benefits of both online and brick-and-mortar sales due to the nature of their product.

Before After

The Challenge

As the product is not a well-known snack, the biggest challenge we were facing was making the user experience the emotions that a packet of Poplettes would bring up. In addition, as a FMCG brand, another challenge that we were facing was crafting a streamlined user experience that reduces the clicks-to-purchase.


The objectives were clear: design and develop a well-branded, high converting, easy to access website that will give information about their products for the new customers and give the necessary information for their potential wholesalers and retailers. The website had to be clean and fast for a better buying experience that will help them build Poplettes as a national brand.

Mobile Experience

Today’s users mostly shop from their phones. Our team designed and architected a sleek website without compromising the responsiveness for a better user experience that can turn cold social media traffic into buyers.

The Solution

The Design

Our design team utilized the brand’s fun and bright colors and came up with a professional and design that represents their brand and what the product is all about. We focused on introducing all the flavors of their popped sorghum on the homepage so that customers can easily shop once they land on the website. Our design team also focused on the mobile experience so customers can seamlessly browse the website and shop their beloved Poplettes. 

The Development

Our development team delivered a fully functional and fully-configurable custom theme for easy content management and future expansion. Our team also integrated our custom form solutions for easy communication with potential resellers. 

The Migration

Our team created redirects all of the pages from their previous website to maintain the domain authority and prevent any negative impact on the SEO rankings.

Important Links: poplettes.com

The Numbers




Average Order Value




Bounce Rate

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