Custom e-commerce theme with a custom Shopify app for the product recommendation quiz.

The project involved the Design and Development of a custom Shopify theme and a Shopify App for Supplizen.
Tailor the UX with a fully-embedded product recommendation quiz using Supplizen’s innovative technology.
UI/UX Design, Custom Theme Development, Custom Shopify App, Ongoing Support

Brand Overview

Supplizen is a Singaporean startup health tech brand that specializes in personalized supplement solutions with trusted brands. They aim to be your personal supplement expert by providing a quick intuitive assessment that will identify the best solution through its quiz and will recommend supplient products based on your answers using their advanced product matching algorithm. They decided to use Shopify as their E-commerce platform so they’ll have a better control over their content and seamlessly scale the business.

Before After

The Challenge

The challenge was to design and build the inner pages that will align to their brand and provide the best user experience possible. Also, building and testing the app’s advanced algorithm was something that would require good project knowledge across the whole team and solid test plans to be laid out.

The objectives were clear: design and build the storefront and the app to be aligned with the brand and focus on the value proposition of the products to get the startup off the ground and create a statement in the Singaporean market. The goal was to create a robust platform for the brand to scale in 2021.

Mobile Experience

The website and the quiz needs to be fully-responsive to give all type of users the best buying experience possible.

The Solution

The design

Our team focused on utilising Supplizen’s brand colors and design elements from their guidelines to align with the brand’s messaging. We came up with a sleek design that focused on encouraging the users to take the assessment and educating them about how it works. Our team also made sure that the design is responsive to make it easier for the users to buy whenever and wherever they want. 

The development

By following our proven development process, Our team delivered a fully-configurable custom theme. We focused on the speed of the website and adjusted every development phase to achieve maximum optimisation of the website. We also implemented a custom discount functionality which uses the Shopify Admin API to seamlessly have complete control over the logic without having to subscribe to a paid app.

The app

Our team created a robust product recommendation quiz that creates a product bundle, based on their proprietary algorithm, that helps them boost their sales. The logic is all defined in a manageable way to make maintaining it and expanding a breeze for the Supplizen team.


The future

We are now Supplizen’s trusted design and development partner and we are working on an ongoing basis to continously optimise the UX and quiz logic with the sole purpose of yielding engagement and conversions.

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