Expand TAPP Water to the Australian market with a fresh new look tailored to the Australian market.
To improve and enhance the user experience
UI/UX Design, Custom Theme Development, Shopify

Brand Overview

Tapp Water is a tap filter brand in Europe and North America that wanted to expand by introducing its innovative product to the AU market through its new Australian arm. The client wanted to build the website independently from the main website and preferred Shopify as his CMS.

Before After

The Challenge

Educating the Australian audience on why they need a water filter and how simple it is to apply one to their own tap was the biggest challenge we had to solve through our design. Water filters are not very popular in Australia, and those that are, are not straightforward to apply easily to your own home.

On top of that, as this is a successful brand in Spain and US, our goal was to build something every sleeker and usable to really set TAPP Water up for success in the Australian market. 

The objectives were clear: design and develop an independent store for the AU market and at the same time, offer a more sleek and optimised UI aligned with the branding to focus on the value of the products for better conversions.

Mobile Experience

Responsiveness is our main interest as users most these days use mobile for online shopping. Our team built a responsive website that can be browsed seamlessly on any mobile device.

The Solution

The design

Considering TAPP Water was launching its products into a new market, we designed a UX optimised store based on the brand guidelines that educates the users and builds trust in their product. Our team used imagery and lifestyle photos for a better demonstration of the products. As part of our default workflow, we also focused on mobile responsiveness for the users to shop the new TAPP filter anywhere anytime.

The development

We developed a straightforward and easy-to-use custom theme for seamless content management by following our proven process on the promised delivery date. Our team integrated the website with a subscription app for the cartridges they’re offering to increase the recurring revenue of the business. And of course, we also optimised the development to deliver a lightning-fast website.

Important Links: tappwater.com.au

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